Monday, January 3, 2011

Food Network Audition -- Cake Challenge

A few weeks ago, while I was working in the shop I received a call from the producers of the Food Network asking me to audition for "Cake Challenge". You know the show..2 people + 8 hours = 3 ft tall cake that moves, talks, and shoots fireworks. (yikes) Needless to say I thought it was a really mean friend playing a joke on me, but it was actually the real deal. After hanging up with the producer; I died, laughed, and screamed (twice). Once that mess of excitement was over I had to get my portfolio together asap. They needed photos (check), written application (check) and an audition video (WHAT!@#).

Well, thanks to some super awesome folks on twitter (feel free to follow me @coupleofsweets) I was put in contact with a media company to help with the video. A few takes and several goof up's later this is my video....

I sent the producers the video today, fingers crossed :-) I have to say the competition is pretty stiff for this show. I am just thrilled to have been asked to audition.

I'll keep you posted!