Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cupcakes + Favors = Cupcake Favors!

Over the past few years presenting your guests with a favor at your wedding has become quite the trend. It almost feels like a requirement these days..even I did it 6 years ago. The problem is; you want to give your guests something lovely that they will remember your day with...but who really wants a bag of tea and a cookie cutter (yep, that's what I gave...don't judge it was cute). Why not give them something tasty??!

A very popular item at A Couple of Sweet Things is our cupcake favor box. This is a super unique way to cover both your favors and your wedding dessert in one cute presentation. Each box comes with a gift tag and fork so guests can eat it right away or take it for later.

A small wedding cake can be designed to match for the traditional cutting of the cake.

For more info...send me an email to acoupleofsweetthings@gmail.com


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